About Sthlm Art

Don’t be a stranger! Visit us, this is a unique opportunity to see how we work. Sthlm Art is not really an art gallery like other galleries, this is the place we have gathered all our friends! We are currently 8 people working from Sthlm Art, all friends since many years back. Everybody has their own company and works with their own projects from Sthlm Art. The people at Sthlm Art just happens to complement each other when it comes to creating film. In-house we have a film director, screenwriter, film producer, cinematographer, photographer, webdesigner and a digital marketing team. It’s a perfect match for creating film.

See the video of Sthlm Art or take a virtual tour here below.




The art atelier

Most of the artwork you see on this webpage has been made here in this art atelier. This is the place you can let go of all your thoughts and let your imagination take control. The atelier is equipped with a plotter that can print up to 4 meters. The atelier is also equipped with frame making machines so the artist can create his own frames customized for the artworks.


The film and photo studio

The studio is one of the favorite rooms at Sthlm Art. Here we film interviews, music videos and take pictures of everything and everybody. The projector in the roof turs the studio into a cinema with a simple click. The studio is everybody’s favorite hangout spot on the weekends, watching movies, meeting friends, doing photoshoots, being creative. During vernissages this rooms turs into a lounge where you can hang out with the artists exhibiting and enjoy the deep conversations.


Music video filmed in the studio by Moses

The offices

Business and creativity goes hand in hand here at Sthlm Art. You cannot be successful if you can’t handle the business part of the process, we are entrepreneurs as well as creators. We are always open to rent out our office spaces to creative people in the business (Art, Film, Fashion). We are currently looking for an visual effects person that can do VFX for movies, if you know one or if you are the person email moses (at) sthlmart.com














Visit us!

visit sthlm art in vasastan stockholm swedenThe-sthlm-art-arrow-made-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar

Sthlm Art
Sigtunagatan 3
11322 Stockholm (Vasastan)
Subway station: St: Eriksplan