Company film

We produce a wide range of different company videos and other productions.

  • High speed videos for the web, perfect for young and hip companies
  • Classic videos with a voice over or interview, perfect for conservative companies
  • Videos with a storyline and actors, perfect for established companies

If you work with marketing in your company you should educate yourself about content marketing. Content marketing is the direction marketing on Internet is heading, the time when you could force viewers to watch commercials is over. Today people watch what they like and enjoy, they consume media only if they get value from it. Companies today have to give the viewers what they want to see, good content that viewer are genuinely interested in. Learn more about content marketing here!


Classic video – For Viking Line


High speed video – For MTV


High speed video – For Rediguana (Tunisia)


Classic music video – For Matt Cronert


High speed music video – For Dj Chuckie