Vi ser utvecklingen på Internet och vi tror på video som ett kraftfullt verktyg. Vår vision är att alla företag med en hemsida ska ha en presentationsfilm.
Genom att filma Er verksamhet på ett professionellt sätt kan Ni visa världen vilka ni är med ett enkelt knapptryck, se exempelfilm för Viking Line nedan.


Sthlm Art – Presentation


Whiskeymässan 2015 – Presentation


Bröllopsmässan 2015 – Presentation

Bröllopsmässan 2015 Grand Hotell - Sthlm Art from MadeByMoses on Vimeo.

In-house at Sthlm Art

Studio - for greenscreen, intervjues and other shoots were we need to control the environment.
Film/ photo cameras – we have several professional film & photo cameras.
Music - we have our own music producer that makes customized music/ theme songs for the video productions.
studio sthlmart 

Sthlm Art’s videos are filmed, directed and edited by Moses Shahrivar and Elias Sado, together they have over 30 years of experience and have made videos for companies such as MTV, Dj Chuckie, Svensk Form, Raw Comedy and many others.


High speed videos

A high speed video allows for more information in a shorter time. A 24h day can be filmed and edited into a 1 min video with a storyline of the whole day. A perfect way to document events, backstage, special days or for making music videos. The style of filming is specially adapted for Internet where viewers easily can consume a 1 min video clip.

Classic videos

Classical videos (in normal speed) is a perfect way to present intervjues, your company profile or your products.

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