YouTube is only 9 years old and today over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Merely 10 years ago the key for a successful business was to “have a homepage” Today it has changed to “have a video”

STHLM ART stands for a new approach to online video production. We understand that your business needs a high-quality video to enhance your brand and to communicate with your customers. A video online gives you a human connection with the click of a button, that is the future. Text and photos are in the past.

Video for Rediguana, Tunisia Made by Moses Shahrivar 

Showreal video by Elias Sado

We take pride in our work and the fact our customers say “STHLM ART is like H&M for video, it’s available for everyone, inexpensive but with high-quality”

No business is to big or to small.
Everyone with a homepage needs a video.

Welcome to STHLM ART.

What we do

– Event videos
– Company videos
– Info videos
– Commercial videos
– Music videos
– Wedding videos
– Live streaming
– Greenscreen
– ..and much more


In-house at Sthlm Art

Studio - for greenscreen, intervjues and other shoots were we need to control the environment.
Film/ photo cameras – we have several professional film & photo cameras.
Music - we have our own music producer that makes customized music/ theme songs for the video productions.
Marketing - when the video is finished it needs to marketing to reach the right audience, our network reaches around 2 million people in Sweden.

 Foto film Studio Sthlm Art SthlmArt studio2
Sthlm Art’s videos are filmed, directed and edited by Moses Shahrivar and Elias Sado, together they have over 30 years of experience and have made videos for companies such as MTV, Dj Chuckie, Svensk Form, Raw Comedy and many others.


High speed videos

A high speed video allows for more information in a shorter time. A 24h day can be filmed and edited into a 2 min video with a storyline of the whole day. A perfect way to document events, backstage, special days or for making music videos. The style of filming is specially adapted for Internet where viewers easily can consume a 2 min video clip.


Classic videos

Classical videos (in normal speed) is a perfect way to present intervjues, your company profile or your products.


For prices and inquiries contact

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Phone: +46(0)704170866

Sthlm Art
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