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Art gallery at Sthlm Art, Sigtunagatan 3, 11322 Stockholm (Vasastaden, T-bana St: Eriksplan). The 170 m² at Sthlm Art is fully equipped with a professional photo-, video- and art studio downstairs and an art gallery upstairs.

Customize your own art!

Handmade artwork, size 85*115 cm

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We work with your ideas and visions when we create art, everything is handmade which means that all possibilities are open. Do you want a painting of a loved one or maybe your favorite car in your livingroom? We can create whatever you desire here at Sthlm Art, every piece is customized according to the client’s needs. Our artist Moses Shahrivar is multi-talented and works with paintings, sculptures, video and photo. He has received several design awards and is the official spokesman of Svensk Form (est. 1845, founded Konstfack, Stockholm).

F1 car, handmade artwork customized for the client, size 94*135cm
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The paintings are made with a Pochoir technique combined with oil and acrylic colors. This technique was used in cave paintings dating to 10,000 BC, where human hands were used in painting hand print outlines among paintings of animals and other objects. We use the same principle but with modern tools, today the stencils are often made out of a photo, a digital or handmade illustration. We encourage our clients to make customized personal art that has a meaning for the client. The base of the artwork can be a picture or a company statement for the office. A painting has a reason to exist if it has a genuine meaning for someone.

 Art by Moses Shahrivar

Blue ice-made-by-mosesPop Marilyn-made-by-moses Rediguana-made-by-mosesChanell-made-by-moses Dont try-made-by-mosesIWC yellowTeenage love Red-made-by-moses Legs-made-by-moses Lips-made-by-moses



Sculptures has historically been used as a central piece in religious cultures, until recent centuries. Sculpting is today available for the public and anybody can express what they want by making a sculpture, express a feeling and create a feeling.

We create sculptures from scratch which means that all possibilities are open. Our artist Moses uses clay when modelling, a form is then made from the clay and the sculpture is cast in different materials, the most common material used is gips. Do you need a sculpture for your house, company or for an outdoor environment?

Lip sculpture 64*105*40 cm by Moses Shahrivar
Lip sculpture

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